Repetitive songs

Of course, there have always been annoying and repetitive songs in our charts; the 80’s and 90’s certainly had there fair share of them, however, even the likes of Joe Dolce, Shaddup You Face or The Birdy Song never seemed to reach the execrable depths plumbed by today’s most hated tunes – tunes which literally burrow into your consciousness even if you desperately try to avoid them. The ironically titled, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, manages to induce quite the opposite emotion in nearly everyone I know. Continue reading “Repetitive songs”

Music then…and now

It’s easy to look back – with rose-tinted specs firmly in place- and state that ‘things were so much better when I was a kid’.

However when this is said in relation to music I think this could be a fair assumption. Music lovers growing up through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (and up until about 1996) were certainly fortunate indeed especially compared to the dross that fills our charts today.

I suppose it was the diversity of sound that completely sets these periods apart from today. There was something for everyone; not the big homogenous gloop of similar sounding tunes and voices that is dished out today. Continue reading “Music then…and now”

The Last Diva arrives!

So finally after all the writing, editing and initial marketing on Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, we now have our own website to promote The Last Diva and discuss the topics and issues raised in the novel.

Although a work of fiction, it is based on and inspired by the state of today’s music, the industry and ‘celebrity’ life in general, as well as the darker side to these subjects. That said, it is not all about dark conspiracy – there is much humour and feel-good.

While writing the book, the author Lee Connor utilised sources such as You Tube for researching the truth to what is really going on in the media today. One of the most well-known music videos that has been analysed was Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ where not only the lyrics have raised a few eyebrows but also some of the scenes in the video. Why not watch this and see what you think? Continue reading “The Last Diva arrives!”