Something weird about La La Land

Has anyone else noticed a very strange and increasing phenomenon in the world of showbusiness and celebrity? It can be found in the comment sections (if they are still allowed) of any story carried by the mainstream media involving stories about the biggest ‘stars’ and films.

Increasingly there is a huge disparity between the often gushing praise lavished upon the star by the journalist writing the piece and the members of the public commenting below.

I’ve been noticing this trend for quite a while now (as I always head to the comments section on any story before actually reading the article) and it was spectacularly demonstrated with the recent release of ‘La La Land’.

Lengthy eulogies were written about this film. Luvvies across the world united to sing its praises…headlines screamed that it would be the most-awarded film in history, even beating the likes of ‘Mary Poppins’.

However simply scrolling down to the comments section was like discovering a completely different world.

‘Absolute rubbish’

‘I walked out after 20 mins…’

‘It was incredibly dull.’

‘The acting was wooden and the singing was awful.’

‘I couldn’t sit through it to the end.’

Now, of course, in every comments section you have people venting their anger/dislike and frustration at things but this was strangely different. People from all walks of life simply didn’t ‘get’ this film.

And then friends of mine began repeating what I’d read…’we walked out before the end…it was so boring.’

And when I heard veteran leftie, Matthew Wright (from the ‘Wright Stuff’) repeat that none of his friends had liked the film, I almost choked on my corn flakes!

What is going on?

I’ve noticed the same strange thing happening with the likes of Adele and James Corden. No-one in my wide circle of friends likes these two characters. Adele is viewed as being a foul-mouthed slob who got lucky, her music (with its Adele-defining ‘clanging chimes of doom’) is widely viewed as being depressive and Corden is viewed as being completely unfunny and full of himself. Yet article after article in the mainstream media extoll their extraordinary talents and virtue. Yet a simple scroll down once again reveals this ‘upstairs/downstairs’ world with the public scratching their heads and wondering just why these two are being lavished with so many awards, attention and wealth.

But now it seems the ‘powers that be’ have begun to realise that more and more people are beginning to see that they are not alone in loathing Beyonce’s caterwauling screech or having to reach for the off button every time David Walliams creepy face appears. In fact the comments section is demonstrating that their aversion is actually quite commonplace and now this very section seems to be under threat as more and more tabloids ditch this facility. I’ve noticed a number of Adele stories no longer have a comments section. I wonder why?

You see, people are slowly waking up. Like a grown up version of the Emperor’s New Clothes, more and more people are looking around them and are wondering, ‘what the hell happened to genuine talent?’ Even the young are now looking back at talent from the past on platforms such as Youtube – real talent in music, comedy and showbusiness – and are holding it up against those venerated today…and are coming to the conclusion that today’s crop are woefully lacking. They are being sold a lie.

And Hollywood’s latest has demonstrated this perfectly. Awards and gushing praise from journalists mean nothing these days. I’m confident Mary Poppins will be delighting audiences in thirty/forty years time…do you think the same will be said of ‘La La Land’?

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