A New Age of Enlightenment?

It’s been quite amusing watching the various back-slapping ceremonies taking place recently. Granny Meryl kicked it off with her finger-wagging lecture at the Golden Globes, and since then we’ve had a tsunami of ‘celebrity’ opinions on everything from the refugee crisis to Global warming.

Last night pop luminary, Katy Perry, gave us her view on Trump and Theresa May, while singing her latest ditty ‘Chained to the rhythm’ (with its monotonous repeating of the words ‘on and on and…’)

She is certainly embracing her new role as some kind of musical Che Guevara and her new cause is apparently pushing her new ‘purposeful pop’ to the masses…which probably explains the severe lack of words in her songs. Sadly her ‘puppet show’ gimmick was as throwaway as her music. The public (well those over 25) aren’t buying into it anymore. We’ve all seen through the increasingly tawdry façade of celebrity.

The recent Beckham scandal shone a penetrating light onto their ‘charitable’ deeds and confirmed what a lot of us had already concluded…for them charity most definitely begins at home.

The hypocrisy of our celebs was further heightened by the likes of Lily Allen, Gary Lineker and JK ‘you’re a wizard Harry’ Rowling.

Ms Rowling has never shied away from giving us her views on what a nasty country we have become for not opening our borders to all and sundry. And of course she is completely entitled to express her beliefs. However those beliefs do become slightly unpalatable when you discover how she pulled down a perfectly good house that stood next to her own luxurious mansion…simply to enlarge her garden. And while lecturing to the masses how we should all do our bit, and budge up to make some room for the incomers…she seems to conveniently forget the 18 spare bedrooms lying completely empty at home!

Her Twitter feed has come to a shuddering halt since certain individuals took her to task and offered to pay desperate migrants airfares to Britain, if she would take them and house them in one of her lavish properties.

The public are increasingly turning against the sanctimonious prattling from people who are deluded enough to think their money/elevated status and privilege gives them the right to lecture the rest of us on subjects they clearly know painfully little about. And the penetrating light from internet sleuths are shining into our celebrities most uncomfortable cracks and crevices, highlighting the vast sums they make on their ‘charitable’ missions and their sickening personal wealth, which will always jar when those at the top of the tree espouse others (much lower down the branches) to ‘dig deep’ to help the latest fashionable cause.

It has also painfully exposed their hypocrisy. Why doesn’t Ms Perry go to China/North Korea et al and speak out on human rights abuses or go to certain Islamic countries and make a stand with her downtrodden sisters? Of course, she won’t because in doing so it would involve genuine discomfort and real physical danger. Our Pop Gueveras need 5 Star hotels, wifi and chauffer driven cars. Increasingly the power of the internet is showing us this and we are turning off in our droves. The power and allure of celebrity is fading because now anyone can (if you cast aside your morals and pride) achieve it. Increasingly these people are being put up for the masses to laugh at and mock. They are 21st century jesters.

The internet has torn away the gold encrusted mysterious veneer of fame and celebrity. Very few of the truly talented famous led happy fulfilled lives. Most lived torturous depressive drug dependant existences and as we have witnessed the majority of them died far too young. They were manipulated, used and then spat out. These immensely talented individuals are nearly all gone, replaced by easily controlled puppets like Perry, Beyonce, Bieber and Adele. Unless there is a major shake up I very much doubt we will ever see the explosion of talent that gave us the likes of Prince, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson or George Michael again.

In fact one wag on Twitter summed it up beautifully when he tweeted regarding Coldplay ‘singer’ Chris Martin’s tribute to George Michael; ‘You’ve demonstrated just how amazingly talented George was and just how shit you are.’

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