I apologise…

In a week where ‘pop star’ Lily Allen apologised to an Afghan refugee ‘on behalf of our country’ I feel that it’s only fair that I apologise to the city of Detroit and to the incredible legacy left behind it by the genius of Berry Gordy Jnr and Tamla Motown.

This weekend, Britain’s X-Factor is going to get its line-up of talentless starry eyed muppets to sing songs from the Motown back catalogue. Of course we’ll have the usual protestations of, “I’ve never ever heard this song” or “this song was way before my time” – blah blah blah. But, in reality, this week will completely expose these up and coming ‘stars’ for what they really are.

Sadly, these beautifully crafted iconic songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s will have to pay the ultimate price as they are slaughtered by the dubious vocal ‘talents’ of this year’s X-Factor line up.

For that, I am truly, truly sorry.

Watch this weekend and weep.

(of course, this is how it should be done…)




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