Repetitive songs

Of course, there have always been annoying and repetitive songs in our charts; the 80’s and 90’s certainly had there fair share of them, however, even the likes of Joe Dolce, Shaddup You Face or The Birdy Song never seemed to reach the execrable depths plumbed by today’s most hated tunes – tunes which literally burrow into your consciousness even if you desperately try to avoid them. The ironically titled, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, manages to induce quite the opposite emotion in nearly everyone I know. Banal, repetition is the order of the day and the clear masters of dumb nonsensical lyrics are The Black Eyed Peas. One of their ‘hits’, ‘Boom, Boom, Pow’ from 2009, appeared in a list of the most-hated songs of recent times. Although it must have had stiff competition from the bands, ‘I’ve gotta feeling’ (if you ever have difficulty in sleeping go and read the lyrics to this ‘song’). Another high hitter in the list is 2013 ‘The Fox’ (What does the Fox say?) or 2014’s ‘Selfie’ – another nightclub annoyance and guaranteed to infuriate, throwaway plastic pop at its worst however it does provide a very accurate representation of vacuous modern day life.

Of course a lot of the success of these ‘tunes’ come down to the power of World Wide Web. I’m sure we all (sadly) remember, ‘Gangnam Style; back in 2012, which used the web and infected the world like a deadly contagion.

The person who sums up the state of todays ‘music’ best is Paul Joseph Watson in this piece:

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