Music then…and now

It’s easy to look back – with rose-tinted specs firmly in place- and state that ‘things were so much better when I was a kid’.

However when this is said in relation to music I think this could be a fair assumption. Music lovers growing up through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (and up until about 1996) were certainly fortunate indeed especially compared to the dross that fills our charts today.

I suppose it was the diversity of sound that completely sets these periods apart from today. There was something for everyone; not the big homogenous gloop of similar sounding tunes and voices that is dished out today.

Of course the 70’s and 80’s certainly had its fair share of cheesy tunes and singers but they were also times of experimentation and spawned some truly iconic songs and genuine superstars, many of whom are adored 30/40 years later. In many cases these individuals were highly talented (some extremely so). To attend a concert was an experience – for some a defining experience.

The 80’s had something for everyone – Electro, Two-Tone, Reggae, Country, Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Soul, Punk, New Wave, Goth…

The music spawned interesting groups of people and fashion trends but aside from that it gave us artists that could connect with people all around the world and give magnificent spine tingling performances…live.

So, for a moment let’s leave all the darkness and despair behind us and bask in the light of some extraordinary 80’s talent.


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